Welcome to my blog. I’m Mum to baby Reuben and I live with my husband(-to-be) in Berkshire near to Henley and Reading.

It’s a wonderful time to be on maternity leave, through Spring and Summer, and now during this sunshine-filled Autumn. Location-wise we’re completely spoilt for choice with many baby-friendly venues nearby and all sorts of baby classes locally.

In terms of parenting style (though ‘style’ isn’t the right word) I’m somewhere between Sarah Ockwell-Smith and Gina Ford… nearer Sarah and the BabyCalm people.

We’re ‘baby-led’ in terms of sleeping and feeding and have been from day 1: Watching for Reuben’s tired and hungry cues, letting him fall into his own sleep and milk ‘patterns’ (I’m not sure I like the word ‘routine’)and recording all of the timings. Recording them in a notebook initially, and then in a super iPhone app called Sprout, which, as the data built up, helped us anticipate his naps and food times and plan. (Yes plan and schedule stuff).

I think this baby-led thing started before he was born with me allowing my cravings to steer me around the aisles in my local Waitrose.

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