Today’s Menu

So, Reuben is 8 months/35 weeks old today, and he has been tucking into solid food for 9 weeks now. He has a good appetite and has (so far!) tried everything I’ve offered him. He self-weaned from breast milk before he was 7 months old as he finds food much more interesting and it fills him up.

Today’s Menu:
Breakfast – Wheatabix with milk and banana
Lunch – Sweet potato fingers, sandwich fingers with tuna, grated cheese and avocado, and pear chunks
Snack – Raspberries and rice cakes
Tea – Muesli fingers with blueberries dipped in yogurt and toast fingers with cream cheese
Bedtime – HIPP milk

Plus water with each of these little meals

Snuffly snotty little one

Reuben has the snuffles. There are now 3 extra bedtime activities for us to do after his bath:

1. Deploy the snot extractor gadget
2. Spritz nostrils with saline spray
3. Administer vapour rub to chest and feet

Then sleep suit, sleeping bag, drink of milk, into cot, and Zzzzzzzz