Today’s Menu

I started to introduce Reuben to food textures and tastes at 22 weeks, now he is 26 weeks the weaning has stepped up a gear. We’re doing the Baby-led thing with food too. (See about).

So, today he ‘ate’ (well, ate, explored, tasted, dropped, etc.):
An early/3am breakfast of breast milk, then Wheatabix with (HIPP) milk and banana, and a mango finger for breakfast 2. This was soon followed by breast milk again for breakfast 3. 11-zz was homemade fish pie. And lunch was cashew nut butter and cream cheese on toast fingers and 3 blackberries. Then muesli, (HIPP) milk and stewed pears for tea, and a supper of breast milk. Lovely.

The food is organic where possible and he is offered a little amount of tap water along with meals.